Monday 24th

‘Variations, Eugène Frey’s Light Set Projections’ an exhibition by João Maria Gusmão at the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco. 

Until August 30, visitors are invited to explore the luminary work of Eugène Frey, a painter who established the light set projection technique which was used in the Monte Carlo Opera until the 1930s. Gusmão has created a stage design with magic lanterns, offering visitors a “continuously lit micro-cinema” experience, whilst reviving the various animation techniques perfected by Frey.

Tuesday 25th

The Fort Antoine Theatre presents “Saint-Félix” by the Babel theatre company, spaces are free but must be booked in advance. The show will commence at 21:30.

Thursday 27th

Les Jeudis du Rocher

From 18:00 until 20:00, diners and visitors to Monaco Ville alike will be treated to the sounds of live music courtesy of the Prince’s Palace Band. Restaurants will operate in happy hour throughout the live music experience which will include jazz, bossa nova and samba. Remember to book a table!

Friday 28th

The Fort Antoine Theatre presents “Maîtres anciens” (“Old Masters”), based on the book by Thomas Bernhard, written and performed by Nicolas Bouchaud, with artistic collaboration from Véronique Timsit. Spaces are free but must be booked in advance. The show will commence at 21:30.

Saturday 29th

Got the day off? Why not visit the Oceanographic Museum’s latest exhibition, ‘IMMERSION’. To discover more click here for our full report.

“The Oceanographic Museum, located literally on the edge of ‘Le Rocher’, has constructed a virtual version of the Great Barrier Reef as part of the new ‘IMMERSION’ exposition. Visitors pay no extra price at the door for access to the sizeable simulator which features 60 very varied species to discover.”

Sunday 30th

Monaco International Organ Festival 2020

Internationally-renowned organ players from France, UK, Sweden and Germany unite to create a prestigious music festival. The event will take place at the Monaco Cathedral, doors will open from 17:00 while entrance is free. Check it out here.

In the cinema this week

VenueShowingDate and Time
Princess Grace Theatre‘Oceans Eight’ (2018)Aug 24, 18:15 and 20:45
Monaco Open Air Cinema‘Intouchables’ (2015)Aug 24, 21:00
Monaco Open Air Cinema‘The Upside’ (2017)Aug 25, 21:00
Monaco Open Air Cinema‘Tenet’ (2020)Aug 26, 21:00
Monaco Open Air Cinema‘Greenland’ (2020)Aug 27, 21:00
Monaco Open Air Cinema‘The Martian’ (2015)Aug 28, 21:00

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Featured Image: A shot from ‘Variations, Eugène Frey’s Light Set Projections’