No new cases of coronavirus were reported in Monaco on Thursday, July 30.

Three months after confinement was lifted, Didier Gamerdinger, Minister of Social Affairs and Health, took stock of the situation in the Principality. He said that the Principality is resisting well thanks to the respect of barrier gestures and the wearing of masks in enclosed places.

In the meantime, the Government has announced new precautionary measures, including the compulsory wearing of a mask in queues, especially outside restaurants and sports arenas, and blood testing for hotel customers coming from a risk zone determined by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control or arriving from a non-European zone.

These tourists will have two options: either provide the result of a blood test carried out 72 hours before arrival in the Principality, or undergo an on-site test involving quarantine while awaiting its result, which is normally available within 24 hours.

“Conversely, we do not recommend that Monegasque residents travel to these risk areas,” Didier Gamerdinger said. If they do go there anyway, we appeal to their civic sense to declare themselves to our services on their return to be tested. The fight against Covid19 is based on this feeling of collective protection ”.

The Minister also confirmed that Monaco is involved in a project led by WHO and the GAVI Immunisation Alliance as a vaccine is sought. Thanks to health cooperation with France, Monaco is also taken into account in Astra Zeneca vaccine project supported by France, Italy, Germany and the UK. The Principality is also interested in the American vaccine project developed by Moderna, whose president has just visited the Principality.

The most recent cases of coronavirus in Monaco have generally been imported cases or non-residents exhibiting few or no symptoms of the disease and who have recovered quickly.

A total of 38,209 residents, employees and schools were tested during the massive screening campaigns. Today, city doctors, pharmacists and independent nurses have taken over. Seventy-eight entities – shops, hotels, museums, etc. – have so far been labeled “Monaco Safe”.

The reopening of nightclubs is not on the agenda at the moment.

PHOTO: Didier Gamerdinger (centre) makes a point Monaco Government Press Service