An 18 year-old Monaco resident was arrested on Thursday evening by the Beausoleil municipal police following the robbery of a municipal councillor at his home near the Moyenne Corniche. He was taken to Menton for questioning.

Gérard Scavarda, 64, a Beausoleil councillor and supporter of the Mayor, Gérard Spinelli, told police that he was attacked and had a bog stolen. He was taken to Princess Grace Hospital for observation.

Mr Scavarda, who himself suffers from a disability, holds special responsibility for disabled services in Beausoleil.

Following the incident, Mayor Spinelli said: “I condemn this attack on a person who is a friend and someone who is vulnerable and who spends his time looking after people with disabilities.” He went on to say that the state should fulfil its responsibilities, adding that it is unacceptable that the town of 15,000 people does not enjoy the regular presence of the national police, but only occasional patrols.

PHOTO: Gérard Scavarda All rights reserved