A young resident of the Principality has tested positive for coronavirus, the Monaco Government announced on Thursday. It appears that he was contaminated by a member of his family who returned from a trip outside Europe. After blood tests, a third member of the family has also proven positive.

The young person and infected family members are confined to their home. The student is educated in the 6th grade of Charles III College.

In order to ensure that no transmission of coronavirus could have affected the pupil’s classmates and their teachers, a doctor from the Health Department is contacting parents and teachers directly for the propose of a blood test. A total of five teachers and 11 classmates will be contacted.

However, the authorities believe that the risk to others at school is negligible, thanks to health measures in force, including the wearing of masks and social distancing. Contact tracing is being used to trace others with whom the student has interacted in recent days.

PHOTO: College Charles III