The European Commission has confirmed that travellers from the US are to be excluded from the European Union due to the dire coronavirus situation in the country, the world’s worst-hit. Travellers from fifteen countries outside Europe will be able to come to Europe from today, July 1.

Since the UK is still in a transition year after Brexit, its citizens will be in the same category as travellers from the rest of Europe and will find it find it much easier to enter France and other EU countries.

EasyJet is slowly increasing its services at Nice Airport, both to and from the UK and internally within France. In normal times the UK carrier is the number-one operator at Nice Airport in terms of numbers.

Meanwhile, Eric Ciotti, deputy for the Alpes-Maritimes, received assurances in the National Assembly on Tuesday that Air France will double the frequency of its Nice-Paris service by the end of August.

Addressing Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, Secretary of State for Transport, Mr Ciotti spoke of the “immense difficulties of tourism professionals in the Alpes-Maritimes, faced with the recovery very slow traffic at Nice airport.” He said that this was based on financial reasons, rather than health concerns.

He said that as the state had granted seven billion euros to the airline as part of a rescue package, the carrier should reciprocate by ensuring a proper service between the capital and Nice.

“Tourism is 15 percent of the GDP of our Department and 150,000 jobs,” Mr Ciotti said. He added that he would be watching closely, but the doubling of the service was a good first step.