The Direction of Urban Development has authorised Bioassays France to apply a preventive treatment to pines and palm trees in the Principality.

The methodology consists in projecting onto the trees, using compressed air launchers (paintball type), biodegradable balls intended for the protection of plants against insect pests.

The application of pheromones on the pines has the effect of saturating the receptors of male butterflies; creating sexual confusion in the Pine Processionary, estimated to last 120 days, which prevents it from locating and fertilising females.

The treatment started on Friday June 26. The larger palm trees, over six metres high, in the Fontvieille district will be treated from July 3. The biodegradable pine resin beads will have a repellent effect, for a period of three months, against predators, red weevils and palm butterflies.

PHOTO: Monaco Government Press Service