The Monaco authorities have decided that a number of rules on social distancing can be relaxed in restaurants and cafes. As a result of the coronavirus circulating only “very weakly” in the Principality, as has been discovered through the testing of more than 35,000 residents and employees, the Government wants life to get back to normal as soon as possible.

From Saturday, June 13, it will no longer be necessary for customers to book tables ahead of time, although it remains “desirable.” The number of people who can sit on the same table has been increased from six to ten, with a minimum spacing of 50 cm between guests, although tables will have to remain 1.5 metres apart.

The number of people who can gather in public has been lifted from five to ten. Up to ten people from the same household will be able to sit side by side at cultural events.

The Government urged the public to continue to follow hygiene measures, such as regular washing of hands and the wearing of masks in public. Related article:

PHOTO: Jack Brodie