Two more people in Monaco have fully recovered from coronavirus the Government said on Thursday evening. The total number of patients who have been treated for the disease still stands at 99, while the total of fully-recovered patients is 92. One resident, 72, has died since the beginning of the crisis.

One person is hospitalised at the CHPG in a conventional setting, not in intensive care. Not all people tested and hospitalised are resident in the Principality.

People with few symptoms are advised to confine themselves at home while being medically supervised, which is currently the case with two patients.

In Italy on Thursday, 177 new cases and 88 new deaths were recorded. The figures for Spain were 334 (including antibody tests) and 5. France reported 767 new cases and 44 new deaths, while the UK recorded 1,805 new cases and 176 new deaths. Face masks will become compulsory in England from June 15.