Monaco will have a new Minister of State from early September, according to French press reports. Pierre Dartout (66), the prefect of the Paca region, will take over from Serge Telle, who has been in post since 2016.

HSH Prince Albert chose Mr Dartout from a list of candidates offered by France, although the post is now also open to Monegasque candidates. This will be the first time that a prefect from Paca has served as Minister of State, the equivalent of prime minister.

Mr Dartout was born in 1954 in Limoges, and has served as prefect in several Departments and has served as a high-level official in government in Paris. The role of a French prefect is similar to that of a US governor, representing the central government and working alongside local elected officials, especially in regard to security matters.

The Prince’s Palace is expected to make a formal announcement in the next few days.

PHOTO: Pierre Dartout French Government