No new cases of coronavirus were reported in Monaco on Tuesday, April 28. Of the total of 95 recorded cases, 50 have now recovered fully. Two patients are in hospital, with one in intensive care. Twenty-four patients remain at home recovering from the infection.

In France, 367 new deaths were reported on Tuesday, 70 fewer than Sunday. There was no figure for new cases. In Italy, 2,091 new cases and 382 new deaths were reported on Tuesday, both figures up by about 15 percent from Monday.

Meanwhile, in Spain a steady decline continued with 2,706 new cases and 301 new deaths reported on Tuesday, April 28, compared to 2,793 new cases and 331 new deaths on Monday.

In the UK, 3,996 new cases and 586 new deaths in hospitals were reported on Tuesday. While cases were down, from 4,309 new cases on Monday, new deaths increased from 360 new hospital deaths on Monday. Counting deaths in care homes and the community, the UK has the highest death toll in Europe, according to figures complied by the Office for National Statistics and the Financial Times, at over 40,000. Meanwhile, the UK government insists on publishing hospital deaths only, which amount to 21,678 since the start of the outbreak.