No new cases of coronavirus were reported in Monaco over the weekend. Only one new case has been recorded over the last 14 days. Since the start of the outbreak a total of 94 people have been infected. Forty-two people have fully-recovered, while two patients remain in hospital, one in intensive care.

In neighbouring France there was very good news on Sunday, with 612 new cases and 242 new deaths posted, compared to 1,660 new cases and 369 new deaths on Saturday, although it should be noted that there could be serious reporting delays. The French government is due to announce detailed lockdown changes on Tuesday evening.

Meanwhile, cases and deaths across western Europe fell significantly on Sunday. Italy reported 2,324 new cases and 260 new deaths on Sunday, down from 2,357 new cases and 415 new deaths on Saturday. Schools in Italy will not reopen until September, the government said on Sunday.

Spain reported 2,870 new cases and 288 new deaths on Sunday, down from 3,995 new cases and 378 new deaths on Saturday. Children were allowed outside for the first time in several weeks.

On Sunday, the UK reported 4,463 new cases and 413 new hospital deaths, down from 4,913 new cases and 813 new deaths on Saturday. Care home and community deaths are not included in the UK figure, which keeps the published total artificially low. In the US, 35,419 new cases and 2,065 new deaths were reported on Sunday morning, European time.

PHOTO: Rome’s coliseum