The National Council said on Thursday, April 16, that there are still differences in view between itself and the Government, despite agreement having been reached on a range of other matters.

The elected body would like to see the premium paid to nursing and healthcare staff to be extended to non-nursing staff at the Princess Grace Hospital and in care homes, and also to the private health sector, which includes IM2S.

The Council has also called on the Government to introduce legislation to extend the 20-percent rent rebate for commercial and office lets into the private sector. Many private landlords have already agreed larger rent reductions for tenants whose business has suffered severely from the impact of the coronavirus, but the Council would like to see the partial reduction enshrined in law. The body said that tenants need to be protected from a minority of uncompromising private landlords who do not take into account the current emergency.

PHOTO: Traders at the Condamine market are offering a ‘thank you’ discount to Monaco’s health workers Ian Brodie