French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said on Wednesday evening that hospital staff will receive tax-free bonuses of up to 1,500 euros if they are dealing directly with coronavirus patients. In addition, nursing staff in public hospitals will be paid time and a half, free of tax and social charges.

“We are standing up to the coronavirus epidemic, firstly thanks to the incredible dedication of all the country’s healthcare personnel,” he said. There will also be an injection of eight billion euros into the health system, half of it to be sent on equipment and masks.

Care home workers will also receive bonuses, with the details to be ironed out in talks with local authorities that run retirement homes.

The poorest families in France will receive a one-off payment of 150 euros and 100 euros for each dependent child. Four million families fall into this group. Payments will not be made until mid-May. The total cost of the package “to save the economy” will be in the region of 110 billion euros.