Travellers entering France from abroad will now need to complete a form detailing their reasons for travel. The new rule comes into force from Wednesday, April 8, and formalises a pre-existing situation in which air passengers may have been asked to provide other documentary evidence of their reason for travel.

The UK is listed, alongside Monaco, as one of several countries included in the rules for EU nationals. Of seven boxes to tick, the first specifies: Individuals having their primary residence in France, accompanied by their spouse and children.

The form can be downloaded as a pdf at: link: Scroll down to the heading International travel from abroad to mainland France.

Travellers are advised that it may be useful to have a copy of the front page of property deeds or rental agreement to show to the airline or ferry company on boarding.

British Airways is still advertising flights from London Heathrow to Nice on a daily basis. Tickets are not expensive during the ongoing coronavirus crisis, starting at £43.

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