Monaco Telecom has introduced a new TV app in collaboration with Apple, offering the choice of basic and premium subscriptions to live and on-demand content. Named MonacoTelecomTV, the service is available through the Apple TV 4K platform for fixed broadband customers with LaBOX or Internet Ultra Haut Debit plans, reports.

With the basic tier, priced at 0.99 euros a month, customers have access to 80 channels and 30 hours of replay, limited to one screen. For a multi-screen experience, the operator has created a premium package for 9.99 euros a month, offered free for the first six months for customers taking LaBox Maxi.

Among its features, the premium subscription includes the operator’s 7-day replay service and the possibility to record up to 500 programmes. It also gives customers the choice of adding more content, among 200 channels on offer, and enables those travelling within Europe to have continued access to the app. The offer for Apple TV 4K comes with Apple TV+ included for the first year.

Zattoo operates the complete service as an end-to-end solution and also handles the operation of the entire TV platform, the management of the TV application on Apple TV as well as the ongoing development of the platform and all front-end applications.

The Apple TV box works like a set-top box with operator login, enabling the automatic installation of the TV application. This also applies to iOS devices.

In addition to more than 200 TV channels – 150 of them in HD quality -, the TV service includes interactive features such as instant restart, time-shift, catch-up TV and nPVR, available for the first time in Monaco, according to Zattoo.