CMB has renewed its partnership with the Grimaldi Forum at a formal ceremony on Tuesday, January 7.

CMB has been a long-term partner with Monaco’s main venue for international events and conventions since 2005.

Francesco Grosoli, CMB’s CEO, said : “I am very pleased to renew this year again our long-standing partnership with the Grimaldi Forum. It is important for CMB to contribute to Monaco’s cultural influence, both in the Principality and beyond.”

Mr Grosoli’s appointment to head CMB in May 2019 marked a new strategy by the bank to build on synergies with the Mediobanca CIB division and AM platform as part of the increasing emphasis on Wealth Management activities within the Group as a whole.

Grimaldi Forum has once again reported a very successful year and is looking forward to even greater successes in 2020, its director, Sylvie Biancheri, said at the signing.

PHOTO: Francesco Grosoli, CMB’s CEO; Etienne Franzi, CMB’s President; Henri Fissore, President of Grimaldi Forum’s Supervisory Board, and Sylvie Biancheri, Director of the Grimaldi Forum JC Vinaj/Grimaldi Forum 2020