The National Council voted unanimously on Monday, January 6, for a Bill on the practice of unconventional medical care.

“The elected officials wanted to set up a legislative and regulatory framework allowing, while framing them and subject to authorisation, the exercise of non-conventional care practices. (…) Even if most of these practices are not based on scientific efficacy that has been demonstrated or recognised with certainty, it is clear that some participate in preserving or improving the well-being of the people to whom they are dispensed. I would like to emphasise the unanimity of the elected representatives… on the need to promote and regulate these care practices and I hope that the Government will allow the legislative work to continue, by transforming this proposal into a Bill …,” Stephane Valeri, President, said.

Several medical professionals in Monaco attested to the usefulness of alternative therapies. Christophe Robino, himself a National Councillor, head of service at the CHPG, told the National Council last month that it was important to recognise and supervise alternative care and other alternative medicines.

Nathalie Amoratti-Blanc, head of the retirement home A Qietudine said: “Today, we see a growing interest in these practices. More and more young people are making these practices their profession, more and more doctors are completing their field of expertise with training in these fields, and more and more users are turning to these complementary therapies.”

PHOTO: Stephane Valeri