A show for all the family, bringing together young and old … that’s the magic of circus! This wonderful event starts on January 16, 2020, in the ring of the famous Fontvieille big top and continues until January 26, the organisers say.

Amongst others, the audience will discover: Les Clowns en Folie: the emblematic band of clowns that has been part of the Festival for over 20 years. Formed in 1968, the band has a wide repertoire that is a big success with people of all ages. There will be 12 musical clowns in this year’s festival.

The Flying Tuniziani will present an incredible flying trapeze act. The nine artistes who work in a double line will perform a successions of tricks 10 metres high: double layout somersaults with pirouettes, triple pike somersaults, double somersaults with double pirouettes caught by the feet, a performance that is unique in the world, and of course the iconic quadruple somersault.

Sandro Montez’s dogs: passionate about animals since his childhood, Sandro Montez created his own dog act three years ago featuring border collies, Belgian papillons and chihuahuas. The audience won’t be able to tell who is having more fun, the trainer or the dogs, the organisers say.

The Extreme Fly bar act: these four young Ukrainian gymnasts have been very successful since their change of career and perform spectacular tricks on three bars. They seamlessly leap from one bar to the next, and even from the first to the third bar. The synchronisation in their act is perfect.

To reserve: Internet: www.montecarlofestival.mc or www.France-billet.com or www.fnac.com