Monaco will be joining forces with many other states in the European Week for Waste Reduction (SERD), which will place “education and communication in waste reduction” at its heart. The theme is “the best waste is the one that is not produced.”

Valérie Davenet, Director of the Environment, said: “the Prince’s Government has set itself as a goal a policy of zero single-use plastic waste by 2030. We are all participants in this change and we can all find a meaning for a better life, respectful of our planet.”

Conferences, films, workshops, exhibitions, garbage collection, concerts, stands, games, fashion and art creations will be held during the week.

The Stars’n’Bars Green team is promoting the 3Rs: “reduce, reuse, recycle,” a programme being supported by the Directorate of the Environment.

Stars’n’Bars will offer a day full of fun and eco-friendly activities on November 17 from 13:00 to 18:00. Admission will be free and suitable for all ages.

During the ‘Day of Discovery & Action,’ more than fifteen exhibitors will demonstrate that the best waste is the one that is never produced. Throughout the day, participants will have several opportunities to participate in waste pickups. Philippe Marengo (Suncy Concept) and Sebastien Uscher (Stand up for the Planet) will raise awareness about the waste that has fallen into the sea aboard a 100 percent electric and solar boat. Equipped with dip nets, they will pick up litter and explain that we all have the power to save aquatic life.

There will be many other activities, too many to mention. Please see the VIDEO report on the Monaco Daily News website (in French) under the title ’Stars’n’Bars leads the way…’

ORIGINAL SOURCES: Monaco Government Press Office, Stars’n’Bars PHOTO: Kate Powers and Valérie Davenet present the week’s programme