Monaco’s Pavilion at next year’s Expo 2020 event in Dubai has already impressed many observers in the way it addresses the issues of sustainability and green development. While some countries taking part have spent more than 50 million euros for impressive pavilions, Monaco’s budget is much smaller at €9 million, but it has big plans for an extensive solar-powered structure.

“Our concept is to finish the core and shell of the pavilion by April 2020 in order for us to connect to the grid before the expo period,” said Albert Croesi, commissioner general.

“This way we will be able to produce electricity with our solar panels for one year and use power to operate the pavilion during [the] six months.”

The polygonal shape using photovoltaic panels evokes a kaleidoscope and the famous Rock that looks out over the Mediterranean.

“It aims to show the many facets of the Principality: characteristics, professions, multiple perspectives, diversity,” he said. With a resident population of just 36,000 people, Monaco will deploy design to show it is a smart city.

“Three main topics are reflected in all our messages of Monaco 360° through its history and tradition, science and research, luxury and hospitality as well as art and culture,” Mr Croesi said.

“We believe that an event such as Expo 2020 Dubai is the perfect place to raise awareness, meet counterparts and share these environmental concerns.”

ORIGINAL SOURCES:, Monaco Government, others