Monaco has become the first country in Europe to launch a 5G mobile phone network, based on Huawei systems. The main advantage of 5G networks is the much greater data transfer speeds and super-fast wireless access.

The inauguration of the newtork follows a deal made with Huawei by Monaco Telecom, majority-owned by French billionaire Xavier Niel, signed last September.

“We are the first state to be entirely covered by a 5G network,” said president Etienne Franzi, the company’s president, at the inauguration ceremony on Tuesday, July 9. Frederic Genta, the man in charge of digital transition in the Principality, added: “In Monaco, 5G is the promise of a better quality of life for all and exceptional opportunities,”

Monaco first in Europe with 5G rolloutHuawei vice president Guo Ping said that the rollout in Monaco can serve as a model for other operators and states. Earlier this year Washington banned Huawei from the US market and stopped the export of US technology to the company.