A young man has escaped an immediate jail sentence after admitting in court that he struck a police officer with a knock-out blow in the early hours of the morning following the Monaco Grand Prix, local French daily Monaco Matin reports.

The ski resort worker, who had no previous convictions, had become rowdy while drinking with friends at La Rascasse and was thrown out of the bar by security. A policeman who intervened to calm the situation was conducting the culprit back to his group of friends when the man suddenly changed his comportment and struck him, the Monaco Criminal Court heard.

The Frenchman told the court he had no recollection of events on the night in question. The lawyer for the victim said that the policeman had to take 15 days of sick leave and will require permanent treatment for his injuries. He asked the court for 4,000 euros in damages.

The defence counsel pleaded with the court to take into account his client’s clean criminal record. Just because he had exceeded his limits one night, should he be considered and immoral person, the lawyer asked. The court’s decision was to impose a suspended eight-day jail sentence and 2,000 euros in damages.